About Us


I am Jussi Kakkonen, Founder of "Finnluxury" Oy. Our company has established in 2014, and our head office is in Vantaa, Finland. I would like to introduce our team to you and share a few thoughts about what helped to bring one great idea to life.

A few years ago I started with building a kit car, and during that time I met my current designer, Bobi. We talked a lot about kit cars as a business, the fact that it allows people get creative and build the cars they wish to drive and be proud of that, and the typical issues of the industry as a whole. While there are a few examples of successfuly ran kit car companies with good quality kits and customer support, the majority of kit cars are known for not having good enough quality, mounting of the body to the chassis is challenging and inaccurate, body kits often come with missing parts, custom glasses must be sourced additionally, not to mention that sometimes body kits are half-engineered, leaving the builders in a position to either abandon the project or be forced to figure out a lot of issues that should have been addressed by the manufacturer itself. Worst of all, there are lots of scammers in this business, or just bad practices that make customers feel a bit unsecure. We believe that closely examining the main problems in the kit car business and figuring out solutions to these is the one way to achieve a product and customer support that will speak for itself.

We decided to develop a car that will be known for its high quality materials, careful workmanship, attractive design, full set of all the necessary custom made parts, including glasses, ease of use and affordable maintenance, and separate body panels with adjustable bolt-on mounting points to properly fit them to the chassis. The same goes to most of the other body panels less the roof one: fully removable, quickly replaceable, total access to anything underneath. Along with the body kit, the custom designed chassis and suspension is yet another area in which we did our best to make sure it's up to the high standards necessary for a sports car of this type, both as performance and safety.

My designer has over ten years of experience with car design, chassis and suspension engineering, body plug building, CNC-machining, and he has been working on various projects for individual customers and sports car companies. I have experience with composites, mould making, CNC-machining. By joining our skills and vision, together we designed and built this high quality car, named Finnluxury Tritium, or FLT for short.